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I’ve had a few messages about my lack of presence here lately. I don’t really have the energy to respond to everyone (sorry), but suffice to say someone very close to me has been terminal for some time now. He’s currently being airlifted to Columbia where his specialist is, but apparently he’s critical. I just…yeah. I’m not really ready for this. And I’m not in any kind of place to deal with it or talk about it. I just thought this would be the best space to say I wasn’t ignoring anyone, I’m just not able to really talk right now.

neekerbreeker said: Gina Torres and Sarah Shahi in the same show? …I may need to watch Alias.

Haha they’re not series regulars, but they do have reoccuring roles. And on the whole I thoroughly enjoy the show. It’s not the “serious business” sort of spy drama. There are cool gadgets that clearly wouldn’t work in real life, but it’s all good fun. And I love that Sydney is never treated as weak, and that her gender is never really an issue. She’s an awesome spy and for that reason she is seen as valuable by just about everyone around her. The show flips a few tropes that normally just apply to men on their heads, and while Sydney is an action hero she still retains her femininity. She’s just a great character all around and the show’s early seasons are fantastic.

Rewatching Alias during my morning workout. I forgot Gina Torres had a reoccuring role as a super spy. And that Sarah Shahi also had a part in the first season. And how much I really love the first three seasons. They’re the reason I can’t quite bring myself to hate JJ Abrams outright. Yes, he screwed up the final few seasons. But when this show is good, it’s truly great. Sydney Bristow remains one of my favorite characters of all time.