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I will never understand why “realism” is consistently trotted out as the excuse for keeping BioWare romance options gender-exclusive when the purpose for said games is often escapism. They’re power fantasies, whether devs want to acknowledge that explicitly or not. And yet even now the only people allowed to have such fantasies are straight dudes.

I don’t care if it’s “realistic” that the characters a protagonist wants to pursue are all attracted to them. Because somehow it’s perfectly fine if all the women in The Witcher not only crave a little Geralt loving, but are happy to hand out collectible pictures of themselves afterwards. But I think we all know why something like that didn’t garner any reproach from the realism devotees.

The bottom line is that it shouldn’t matter whether it’s “realistic” that four characters in an entire city happen to be bisexual (though, newsflash, it never sounded improbable or crazy to me). Video games aren’t about perfectly emulating the real world or instead of epic quests there’d be a lot more paperwork and TPS reports. So cries of “realism” will always ring as bullshit for poorly disguised discomfort with queer characters.

So this was how I spent my day today. ;) I can’t get over how much my boss’s horse reminds me of my old jumper. He’s still young and green, hence the small fences (the back rail on that oxer’s only 2’9”), but he’s definitely got scope. And damn man. I haven’t jumped since January and it shows. I really have to watch that lower leg of mine. :/